Make a first impression that lasts and command the room with your image of power, success and results.  There is an impact on your productivity, performance, profitability and your paycheck. 

  • A first impression is made in 1/10th of a second with a judgment being made on your trust, competence, strength and dominance.  (Princeton 2006)

  • 7% of first impressions are made on the words one uses, the rest is on appearance.  (Harvard 2017)

  • Employers pay a premium for attractive people, up to 5% more (Yale University)

  • People who work out make up to 9% more.  (Cleveland State University)

  • Women who wear makeup to work earn up to an additional 30% in salary and they are considered more trustworthy and competent. (Harvard Medical School, Boston University and the Dana-Farber Cancer Instititute)

  • People who dress more formally for work think in a more abstract manner and do not get as caught up in the details.  This ultimately makes them better leader with large scale projects and delegation. (Social Psychological and Personality Science)


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Its Impact on Your Professional Life

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