At STYLEdge®, we realize the importance of image in the professional realm and how it can enhance your career. We work with professionals to match their brand with an image of power, success and results to boost their productivity, performance, profitability and ultimately their paycheck.  

Using the proven three step process, a professional can have a wardrobe for all Five Manners of Presentation.

360 Assessment of Attire™:

  1. Closet Assessment

  2. Shopping to Success

  3. Master Mix and Match

Start the process off with a Closet Assessment to understand what is in your current wardrobe and what is missing. Shop with purpose to attain the necessary missing components for investment pieces and everyday attire, get the right fit of your clothing from the beginning.

Exclusively available for experienced or upwardly mobile executives.

“My job role has a tremendous amount of responsibility and global visibility. Stakeholders look to my office to provide guidance relating to their personal safety. I don’t have the time (or, frankly, interest) to spend on my wardrobe, but recognize that establishing trust-based relationships requires conveying a confident image.

I trusted STYLEdge® to help me create the personal professional presence I desired to assure confidence is delivered along with my expertise. I am out the door in the morning faster and ready to take on the world!”  Lisa A.

Your team represents your brand, support that brand with an image of achievements and build lasting relationships immediately.  Your team can make a first impression of competence, trust, dominance and ability.  Empower your team with confidence and educate them on the Five Modes of Professional Attire™.   Give your team an edge on the competition with this step up on image consultation and wardrobe consultation and ensure they understand the affect image has on their performance and results.  

  • Ensure that your team knows how to dress to impress for each professional situation from Everyday Professional, High Impact Meeting, Day to Dinner, Business Casual and Weekend Wear.  

  • Clarify what attire is appropriate for Business Casual, Black Tie Optional, Dinner Meetings, Travel and all the ambiguous engagements

  • Educate your team on etiquette for the business professional

More companies are moving to Business Casual, what happens when it becomes all casual and not enough business?  STYLEdge® addresses Business Casual to present associates who look like business, achievement and success.  


Thank you for taking the time to impart some knowledge on the group.  The room was energized, which speaks volumes.  The session exceeded by expectations. 


- Michael Carson:  SVP, Credit Products Manager, Bank of America

If you're looking for an energetic speaker with a passion for image consulting, look no further because Patty Soltis is the whole package! Patty Soltis joined Bank of America's LEAD for Women event on 10/26/2018 to talk about the importance of first impressions with your attire. Patty is a fantastic communicator and truly digs deep to understand not only the business but her audience. Patty's charismatic personality captivated her audience as she covered her 5 modes of attire in a well thought out custom presentation. LEAD for Women had an amazing time and we look forward to booking her talent again!


-Vanessa Maternowski; VP Segment Team Manager, Bank of America 



Command the Room


Your professional wardrobe mirrors your success and ultimately closes the deal.  Improve your performance, get promoted and increase your paycheck with this professional webinar series. Our Modes of Attire clarify what you need to elevate your image and increase your paycheck. 

Make a first impression in the blink of an eye that builds trust and competence, one that shows that you are dominant and strong.  Individuals who dress for their work everyday have an advantage, they earn 5% more than those who do not (Yale University), people who work out earn 9% more (Cleveland State University) and women who wear makeup to work earn 30% more (Harvard University & Boston University). 

We are pleased to present the STYLEdge Command the Room Webinar with an introduction and concentration on each of the Modes of Attire.

·        Everyday Professional

·        High Impact Meeting

·        Day to Dinner

·        Business Casual

·        Weekend Wear

Learn the basics of each of these modes of attire, what you need to have in your wardrobe to make it work and what you need to add.  Have direct access to our Founder/CEO, Patty Soltis, to answer your questions during this time frame and a one on one consultation with her for one hour (valued at $250).  

Each webinar will run on Tuesday evening from 6pm to 7pm starting in spring.  They will also be recorded for your convenience.


For the professional woman who understands the impact of her image on her career and her brand of results.  Learn how to elevate your image with eight presentations a year and other benefits.  Be confident that your professional appearance is a positive representative of you and your brand of success.  Our exclusive club consists of Tampa Bay’s most successful and savvy women.

Membership is $250.

"Patty Soltis understands how to create a personal brand and image. Through her company’s STYLEdge Syndicate I’ve found a fun and informative way to learn about fashion trends. I always walk away from each program with new fashion ideas, the opportunity to network with other successful women, and the chance to spend time with my girlfriends. for expert image branding and fashion. I highly recommend Patty Soltis for her expert knowledge of fashion and personal image/branding services. I also recommend her STYLEdge Syndicate Program for the valuable information the program provides."  Laura W.  

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